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About Us

About envymylook

At EnvyMyLook we bring the heat while making it easy for you to stir up a little Envy in your closet. We aspire to help you feel beautiful, sexy, admired, and desired at affordable prices.

The way you look is they way you feel. We're here to boost egos, increase confidence, impress your ex, and slay those friends you fell out with. Our customers are already beautiful- we simply supply the looks to enhance them in those moments where they want to feel "in control". "EnvyQueens" are noticed everywhere they go, and we love to see them slaying their looks. Our customer are the alpha females of the pack, the Diamonds in the rough, the Queens amongst the norms, and at the top of everyone's wish list.

No matter what personality type you are; the plain jane, the sexy sis, the center of attention, the undecided friend, or the social media queen- we’ve got a look you'll love. EveryQueens who have joined the EnviedMovement by shopping our fashions are extremely loved and appreciated by everyone who works to keep this ship moving.  

EnvyMyLook is owned and operated in Chicago, Illinois, with a family of more than 25K Queens, considering all social media platforms. We are constantly look for ways to grow and evolve and our hard work has been noticed throughout more than half of the United States and multiple countries. We are committed to supplying the most trendy, desirable and affordable fashions to anyone, anywhere in the world!

Don’t forget to tag us in your EnvySlayage: IG @EnvyMyLook_ FB: Pinterest: EnvyMyLook and share it on your favorite social media platform.


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