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About EnvyMyLook


EnvyMyLook is an online Women’s boutique founded by Envy Queen Robin Love. Robin is an MBA Graduate, mother, entrepreneur, but most of all- a Hustler. Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Robin has always understood the meaning of hard work and dedication- landing her first job as early as 6 years old. She discovered her love for fashion (and the color pink) at an early age but due to lack of resources- her family could not afford high end clothing. This sparked her interest and determination to look just as good as the people wearing designer clothing, while creating her own unique yet affordable looks. 

     After high school, Robin moved forward in life pursuing the traditional college educated equals good living sort of lifestyle- but soon discovered her lack of satisfaction in those environments. In April of 2014, while earning her bachelor’s degree, the Envy Queen decided it was time to start working towards being “self-made”. Social Media was on the rise and it was becoming more possible for small businesses to be seen on a larger scale. The name (EnvyMyLook) came from her life experiences. For as long as she could remember, family as well as friends would often imitate her “looks” but rarely complimented or credited her for it. The Envy Queen watched several people transition from gym shoes to thigh high boots, brand names to pretty dresses with no names, jeans to fitted jumpsuits and the list goes on and on. As a youth, it was hard to watch so many people take “ideas” from her and never acknowledge her as the source- until one day it all made sense. Envy is not just a form of jealousy; it is also one of the highest forms of admiration, or by definition- the desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable attribute belonging to someone else. Hence the name EnvyMyLook. 

       In December 2014, Robin became a mother, giving birth to a beautiful baby boy. The Envy Queen spent all of 2015 adjusting to motherhood while creating a plan on how to get her business off the ground. At the start of 2016, she took off with her business on her back and never looked back. By mid-year 2016, the business had its own website as well as Instagram and Facebook communities. The same year the boutique received its first celebrity feature from Diamond, member of former rap group crime mob. Since then, EnvyMyLook has seen more than septuple, (7x), it’s revenues and growth. Envy has had its own physical location, participated in numerous pop up shops around the world, and as of 2018, has grown to international status servicing customers in 3 countries besides the United States. 

     Closing words from the Envy Queen- “Anything is possible”. Success doesn’t happen overnight. It’s been a long journey to get where we are now, but I could not have done it if I hadnt remained true to who I’ve always been. Determination is key, everyone goes through ups and downs- life happens- but no matter what Never Give Up!!! Whatever it is you want out of life, keep picking at it, even if it’s a little each day, until it happens for you. 


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